Frequently Asked Questions

1. How much does it cost?
Custom house plans start at $1,000 and depend on the size, complexity, and number of revisions.  Call or visit for a quote.

2. How long does it take?
The first draft usually takes about two weeks. After that, it depends on how fast you want to work. Most plans take approximately four drafts and about 6 weeks.

3. What do I start with?
Most people start with a sketch from a magazine or internet that is close to what they want and modify. We strongly encourage you to find something you similar to what you want on one of the many online house plan websites and make changes that you want.

4. What do the plans include?
All of our custom house plans include floor plans, foundation plan, roof plan, cross sections, all four elevations.  Depending on the jurisdiction we also include required reports such as a REScheck energy report, wind bracing, and beam certifications.

5. Will the plans meet code?
Our plans are guaranteed to meet Delaware codes. We can usually accommodate other states, but it is not guaranteed.

6. Do you do additions?

7. How do you send the review drafts?
We can mail them, e-mail them, or fax them.

8. What size are the final plans?
24”x36” sheets, usually 5 pages.

9. How do you bill?
A deposit of $500 is required to start with the remainder due upon completion.